Success comes from someone believing in you and giving you the confidence to achieve something better than you think you can. The average person can accomplish 5 times more than they think they can. How do you find that type of success in life? Coaches are the most important aspect to achieving those levels. Our team is dedicated to creating the highest level of positive influence on our students' lives and coaching them to success farther than they can see. We are sincere about helping our students become Martial Arts Athletes and Champions In Life for life along with the ability to defend themselves in real situations.



We want to hear about your goals and your expectations. Once we understand your needs, we incorporate the teaching most suitable to make it happen. We incorporate techniques from several different styles of martial arts studied by Renshi Dennis, Shihan DeeDee, and Shidosha Luis. We use punches, blocks, kicks, elbows, knees, jujitsu-style throws and techniques, and weapons to create a complete self-defense style of martial arts. We teach Ryukyu Kempo, a classical style or "old way" of karate from Okinawa, Japan, and maintain the traditional katas and techniques of Ryukyu Kempo for our kids and adults who come here specifically for self-defense. 

We offer...
Kata: This is the basis for all of our karate training. It is a prearranged set of movements containing various strikes, blocks and grappling techniques designed to build correct muscle memory for self-defense. This way of teaching is becoming extremely hard to find. Most katas and kata training have been altered for the purpose of looking good for competition and has lost their true meaning and value.
Tuite Jitsu: (joint manipulation) Techniques from kata taught by the URKA  and Wylie Karate are used to restrain, control or disable an attacker. 
Kyusho Jitsu: (vital points) This is the art of advanced striking applications found through kata training used exclusively by the URKA and taught by the instructors at Wylie Karate.
Kobudo : (ancient warrior way) Ancient Okinawan weapons training, meant to augment the open-hand self-defense education. The method used by the URKA and Wylie Karate is designed to enhance all your self-defense skills.

 In the beginning we will discuss the process, so there is no doubt about where it’s all going to lead.


We offer specialist expertise in all areas we teach. Our team is internationally trained and locally based, so you get the very best service at your utmost convenience.
Dennis Sukut, Renshi
Head Instructor
DeeDee Sukut, Shihan
Master Instructor
Luis Morales, Shidosha
Lauren Wright, Sensei
Equestrian Instructor
Randy Schmidt, Sensei
Archery Instructor
Mark Robison, Senpai
Assistant Instructor
Zach Smith , Senpai
Assistant Instructor
Sophie Casas, Senpai
Assistant Instructor


The United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance is an organization formed to bring sincere martial artists together in 

A group of martial artists who believe in the traditional concept of one heart, one mind and one spirit who 
uplift each other with support and pride in friendship.

An alliance of karate practitioners who unite together to represent and promote all that is good in traditional karate. 
Ryukyu Kempo is traditional instruction.

Ryukyu Kempo is a well-rounded martial art, encompassing studies that many more modern styles consider old-fashioned and irrelevant with a return to the old way of thinking; however, these studies are relevant, for this is what elevates Ryukyu Kempo to an art, a way of life, and thus the ultimate style of self-defense.

Ryukyu Kempo is self-defense.

All styles of karate claim to teach self-defense, but only Ryukyu Kempo offers the grappling art known as Tuite and the nerve point techniques called Kyusho Jitsu.

Tuite "Grab-Hand" Techniques. All bodies are weak in the some ways. They all have nerves, joints, tendons, muscles that respond in a way to a certain type of pressure. Ryukyu Kempo's grappling art exploits these weaknesses, so that a big, strong person is as easily controlled as a small, weak one.

Kyosho Jitsu "Vital Point" Techniques. The striking techniques of Ryukyu Kempo are some of the most 
sophisticated in the martial arts. Properly used against selected anatomical points of the nervous and circulatory systems, they will temporarily disable an opponent beyond his ability to retaliate. Precision, not strength, is the key.  
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