Wylie Karate will be closed on Monday December 25th for Christmas and Monday January 1st New Years Day

Wylie Karate's Martial Arts Classes are dedicated to creating a Winning Attitude, Behavior, and Character while learning self defense and increasing students' abilities beyond what they thought they could do.

Our Martial Arts School offers something for everyone: Kids, Adult self defense, Family classes;  Hyper Karate; Tuite (Jujitsu); Kobudo (weapons);  Women’s Self-Defense; Traditional Okinawan Karate; Parents’ Night Out; Anti-Bullying Programs; Leadership Programs. 

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Teaching Traditional Okinawan Karate and Jujitsu 


We know the Martial Arts  with over 89 years of combined experience in multiple styles of martial arts, and we provide you with the full range of classes and services to meet your needs. We provide everything from a Little Tiger program for 4 to 6 yr old children to classes for youth, teens, adults, home schoolers, and alternatives to day care. Of course, we also offer sibling and family discounts to stay within your budget. 

Wylie Karate teaches self-defense. All styles of karate claim to teach self-defense, but only Ryukyu Kempo offers the grappling art known as Tuite and the nerve point techniques called Kyusho Jitsu,  thus the ultimate in 


GREAT alternative to daycare and other after school programs or to provide a constructive daily after-school activity for your children. Our program teaches life skills such as goal-setting, discipline, focus, coordination, positive attitude, respect, confidence, self-defense, health, and fitness. Parents, you may use this facility instead of a daycare. 


We teach skills that can save lives. In addition to self-defense, your child and his/her friends have an opportunity to practice life skills such as following through on goals, self-control, focus, coordination, perseverance, respect, confidence, and increasing athletic ability. Our program is great for cross-training for any sport!


We teach family- and life- protection arts. If you have a body, you can be an athlete. Kids adhere to this concept much more readily than adults. “I’m too old”, “I’m not flexible enough”, and “I need to lose some weight first,” are the main objections I get from adults. Don’t let fear hold you back! It might take a little more time, but flexibility can be earned; weight loss occurs as you move and expend energy. Let your body feel young again! 
Push through the barriers! 
 We’ll help you unlock your body's potential.


Wylie Karate has been a blessing to our family. Not only does my child have a safe, positive, and fun place to go after public school and during summer, she also gets an excellent private karate school education. She has learned so much and is able to do the equestrian and archery programs too. Wylie Karate is a great place for kids to continue to learn with wonderful teachers.” Kay

“My children enjoyed the summer camp and learned so much at Wylie Karate. They also stayed physically fit and built relationships with other students that will last a lifetime.” Shawn & Belinda

“Wylie Karate has been great for our kids. They learn self defense, respect, horseback riding and more. They have always worked with us and are concerned about our children almost as much as we are.”Jack

We love Wylie Karate! Great instruction with a focus on building character and integrity. The adults truly care about the students. Our daughter has learned a lot and is committed to continuing her skills. She also participates in and enjoys archery and the horse riding program.” Randy & Ann 

“The after school program is wonderful. My son is picked up everyday from school on a bus. He is not only watched after school, but receives karate lessons every day. Confidence is 10 fold and attitude is great, he is learning respect.” Chris

“We love Wylie Karate! They have made such an amazing difference in my 7 year old son’s behavior. He does better and has more self control in all aspects of his life. Because of his better behavior he was even named team captain of his baseball team.” Melissa

“Our son loves the Wylie Karate after school program and summer camp. They not only teach the kids skills, but also teach them to be better people. They also provide horse back riding and archery programs which our son enjoys a lot. We feel blessed that we found Wylie Karate. Highly recommended!!!” Joanne

"We have been very blessed to have the opportunity for the boys (and myself) to attend such a wonderful Dojo that focuses not just on physical attainment , but also guiding principles of strength of mind and character building. Renshi Dennis and Shidosha Luis have been more than supportive inside and outside of class. Thank you for the difference you have made and continue to make in the lives of my children. You may never know the impact you have on our family. I thank God for you and would recommend Wylie Karate to ANYONE who wants to better themselves, or children while learning also learning the "old school" practices of karate and protecting oneself. Thank you!!" Cortney
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