Dojo Kun (School Code)

Dojo Kun #1

Actively pursue a moral, more positive attitude and behavior to show through your own character.

Dojo Kun #2

Make an honest effort to always stay truthful and mean everything you say. Our words and actions carry weight, so focus on what kind of message you want that weight to reflect.

Dojo Kun #3

Challenge and familiarize yourself with the act of overcoming obstacles, whether physical, situational, mental, or emotional. The more you work to perfect the act of overcoming obstacles, the easier it is to face any battles in a day-to-day context. Anyone can acknowledge the flaws and shortcomings of others, but only the most disciplined students can acknowledge and work on their own.

Dojo Kun #4

Give respect without prejudice; don’t expect it. It only takes one person to influence the masses. Lead by example in spreading an attitude of respect among your peers, as well as all others around you. Respect is not reserved only for people older, younger, more, or less privileged than yourself, but for everyone.

Dojo Kun #5

The spiritual attainment we refer to in the Dojo Kun involves that which is not tangible, such as emotion and innate drive. Learn self-restraint through the discipline of your practice. Emotions and feelings may not be tangible, but still affect your behavior through physical actions. 

Wylie Karate is Christian based and avoids the Eastern philosophies that are prevalent in many martial arts schools while still stressing areas in which the martial arts are beneficial to improving the student’s spiritual maturity – areas such as discipline, respect, and responsibility. 
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