• Our complete presentations on Getting Better Grades, How To Study Better and More Effectively, Bully Prevention and Awareness, and Health and Fitness are available to your school or PTA by contacting Dennis Sukut, our Head Instructor.  
  • Parents Night Out
  • Birthday Parties Schedule your next birthday party at Wylie Karate! Book the dojo for 2 hours and you also get a 1 hour karate class (as part of the two hours). Brought a cake? Excellent! We allow the birthday girl/boy to slice their cake with a real Japanese sword! (*With assistance from the Sensei, of course) Call Dennis at 214-293-8057 for scheduling.


Our goal is to help you get A’s on your report card — but the most important A is your Attitude! Your attitude is how hard you try. Students who went on to be great didn't have the best grades — they were the ones that out-tried everyone else. In most cases, your effort equals your excellence. The harder you try, the better you get. Good grades open up many opportunities to go to college and to get certain jobs. Once that door opens, your attitude determines how successful you will be.

So what is the most important A? Attitude!

Always try your best -  Always Have Fun -  Always Get Better


Focus is another word for concentration. When you are able to concentrate better and focus on what a teacher is saying to you, your brain gets stronger and learns faster. How do you improve your focus and concentration? By looking to and listening to your teacher and keeping your body completely still. When you can do all 3 parts, you are a Focus Master. Next time you are learning something new, use the three levels of focus to learn faster and better.

Level 1 – Look directly into his/her eyes.
Level 2 – Clear your mind and listen.
Level 3 – Stay perfectly still.


Exercising and Eating Healthfully: kids who exercise at least three times per week and eat healthfully feel less stressed, feel better about themselves, feel more ready to learn in school, maintain a healthy weight, build healthy bones and muscles, and sleep better at night. Families that do this together are more successful.

There are some great exercises to do together as a family, including the Ten Rep Switch and the 30 Second Team Challenge. Whichever one you choose, regularly doing  at least 3 sets will make you stronger.

Visit our Youtube site for exercises 

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