Equestrian Martial Arts

Equestrian Martial Arts Endures as One of the Oldest Traditional Martial Arts 

 We combine both Riding and Horsemanship Lessons in our classes

Japanese traditional horseback martial arts was originally established in the 8th century of Japan. Archery is one of the oldest forms of Martial Arts. Students of Wylie Karate will have the opportunity to learn Equestrian Martial Arts.

Horseback Archery is a martial art sport, revived from ancient martial arts, and is gaining popularity worldwide with horseback riders and archers of all ages. There have been a few mounted archery competitions in the USA. Earlier this year the National event was held in Texas.

Another part of Equestrian Martial Arts is the use of several martial arts weapons from horseback, including sword and spear.

Our Equestrian Program is limited to our Home School and After School Program  students.

Meet our Horses

We have four Paso Fino horses in our herd:

The Paso Fino is born with a gait unique to the breed, and its attitude seems to transmit to the observer that this horse knows its gait is a very special gift that must be executed with style and pride! The gait is smooth, rhythmic, purposeful, resulting in unequalled comfort and smoothness for the rider. The Paso Fino is a graceful, agile, and supple equine athlete that uses all four legs with precision and harmony.

Disposition: The Paso Fino is an extremely willing horse that truly seems to enjoy human companionship and strives to please. It is spirited and responsive under tack while sensible and gentle at hand. The easy going attitude makes it an excellent horse for both youth and adult riders.

  • Diamante del Prairie: is the alpha horse of our herd. He is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. He likes to be the center of attention and will play with people during ground work. Diamante is a very noble horse.

  • Sombra del Prairie: is a extremely smooth ride with a spirited personality. His flashy coloring and unparalleled movement catches the eye where ever he goes. Everything Sombra does, he does wholeheartedly.

  • Coqueta del Prairie: is a very sweet tempered mare and is excellent for inexperienced and nervous riders, but when asked to perform she is a show stopper with a very animated gait. Coquetta loves to please people.

  • Scooter: Is a very sociable mare and loves being around people. Scooter wants to work with you and develop a partnership with her rider. Scooter performs at the level of her rider, helping us teach the rider during the lesson.

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